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Best Medical Tourism Company

How do I find a best medical tourism company? How do I know if the company I work with is a trust worthy medical tourism company? This is one of the common questions that goes in patient’s mind. Here are some of the questions that you can ask yourself to judge:

  • Did you get a valid timely response for the inquiry submitted?
  • Did the case manager help with all your questions and logistics without doing a sales pitch?
  • Did you make the decision by yourself without any bias from the medical tourism company?
  • Did you verify if the company is properly incorporated and have a good standing?
  • Did you verify if they have no complaints using Better Business Bureau?
  • Did any third party non profit or certification parties verify their internal process?

If all the answers to the above questions are a big “YES”, then yes – you have a winner! The above questions are just a subset of questions that you could ask to judge a medical tourism company. Please treat this as just a guideline.

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