Patient benefits

MedVoy, a simple, secure healthcare referral management software, helps patients with their continuum of care – an integrated system of care guiding and tracking a patient through a multitude of health services over time.

100% Free

Some highlights of our benefits for patients include:

  • Find a doctor easily by specialty, location and or even insurance – with the option to compare profiles.
  • Schedule appointments immediately online – no need to wait for the office to be open.
  • Stores medical records across disparate physicians, hospitals, clinics and provider networks in one location.
  • Provides a secure HIPPA compliant portal that stores complete medical history, lab work, and images (X-rays, MRI, CT-scans).
  • Allows physicians to provide a holistic approach by having your complete medical history at their fingertips.
  • Reduces medical expenditures by eliminating redundant procedure when visiting a new doctor.
  • Communicate directly with physician and staff using our secure messaging.
  • Rate, review and provide feedback on your experience.