Insurance benefits

MedVoy, a simple, secure healthcare referral management product, enables healthcare entities to generate referrals, to track, to manage and to promote continuum of care.

Some highlights of our benefits for insurance include:

  • Identifies and stymies referral leakage which improves the bottom line.
  • Tracks and manages referrals from any source in one location.
  • Improved care coordination drives better patient outcomes.
  • Reduces medical expenditures by eliminating redundant procedures when changing doctors.
  • Maintain high care levels by providing a network of vetted providers.
  • Gather immediate feedback on the outcome of the patient's visit to the specialist.
  • Integration with EHR data, insurance claims and authorization data from disparate sources, such as health system, other self insured employer claims, state claims pools, Medicare claims, PHO, clinical integration organization claims and authorizations.
  • Garner business intelligence insights when integrated with your data.