About MedVoy

Referral management

Improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes by improving the referral workflow.

MedVoy, a simple, secure healthcare referral management platform, enables healthcare entities to generate referrals, to track, to manage and to promote continuum of care. Founded by a physician, MedVoy's unique blend of features, such as, referral management, appointment scheduling, reporting, EMR integration, business intelligence and analytics, are designed to increase efficiency and also to improve patient care.

Apart from offering a referral platform, MedVoy offers a global trusted care network that is envisioned to cover 20 plus countries, including the United States. This trusted care network enables not only healthcare entities to establish a trusted care referral partner, but also for patients to find and compare doctors and dentists online for both insurance and out-of-pocket procedures. MedVoy provides a light weight patient portal for ease of patient-physician care communication and meaningful use.