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Testimonials in Global Healthcare

A few months ago, we blogged about finding a reputable medical tourism facilitator in How do I find the best medical tourism company?

Another important factor is… a patient testimonial. Does the medical tourism facilitator have reference from past customers who were delighted by both the service provided by the company AND the doctor?

If not, you may want to think twice….

Anne Marie from Virginia

Looking in the mirror I saw sagging cheeks and droopy eyelids and I knew it was time to do something to reverse the “old” look. I also knew I wanted to find a surgeon who was the best with no regard to where he or she was located.

After searching the world, I was lucky enough to find, with the help of MedVoy, Dr. Edmond Khoury. He specializes in only faces so I knew he was performing the kind of face procedures I needed daily, not monthly. My experience with Dr. Khoury was incredible. Minimum pain, little downtime, totally natural look and, best of all, no one knows I had anything done! Friends and family just know I look great. Thanks to MedVoy for helping me find this fine surgeon.


Anne M.

To read more, please visit: http://mycommunity.in/medvoy/testimonials.php

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Orthopedics and Medical Tourism

Aside from elective procedures, such as plastic surgery, orthopedic surgeries are an increasingly popular option in global healthcare because patients may be un-insured, underinsured or somehow denied benefits. Cost savings are significant as the prices of procedures like total knee replacement and hip replacement surgery costs on average $35,000 and $50,000 respectively in the USA. The total costs of the orthopedic procedure are clearly lower in international medical tourism due to arbitrage, exchange rates and relative cost of living. However, even in the domestic medical tourism space there are significant discounts when the costs are calculated on cash versus insurance basis.

It is possible to live pain-free! For a list of providers: http://www.medvoy.com/procedure/orthopedic-knee-surgery

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