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Former VP of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Joins MedVoy

MedVoy announced today that they have added Lew Emanuelson to its advisory board to support and develop strategies for the employer benefit marketplace. MedVoy will now have an additional 32 years of specialized insurance experience in underwriting, sales and consulting for group health insurance plans and insurance brokerages in order to provide invaluable insight into the increasingly complex insurance vertical. It will enable MedVoy’s partners to draw from a new pipeline of patients to increase revenue streams, while also fulfilling MedVoy’s mission of connecting patients to domestic and international healthcare providers that administer the highest quality of care and accessibility at an affordable cost.

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Orthopedics and Medical Tourism

Aside from elective procedures, such as plastic surgery, orthopedic surgeries are an increasingly popular option in global healthcare because patients may be un-insured, underinsured or somehow denied benefits. Cost savings are significant as the prices of procedures like total knee replacement and hip replacement surgery costs on average $35,000 and $50,000 respectively in the USA. The total costs of the orthopedic procedure are clearly lower in international medical tourism due to arbitrage, exchange rates and relative cost of living. However, even in the domestic medical tourism space there are significant discounts when the costs are calculated on cash versus insurance basis.

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