Cost vs. Quality in Medical Tourism

We encounter on a daily basis patients who heavily price shop when it comes to getting medical treatments abroad. Price shopping is good however there needs to be a balance maintained . Some questions which you have to ask yourself or your facilitator before travelling abroad are as follows

1. Is the hospital abroad accredited?

2. Is the surgeon abroad doing the procedure American Board certified?

3. What kinda protections your facilitator or the hospital guarantee in terms of post complication surgery?

4. Has the facilitator visited those countries, hospitals before? Or are they blindly sending you to a place where they have never been?

5. Ask for the resume of the physician/surgeon

6. Share as much as medical history possible to the surgeon /hospital abroad in a more private, secure compliant manner so as to make sure that the price quoted are realistic. You dont want to end up paying more at the hospital than what was quoted.

Good upfront planning and by working with the right facilitator who has good experience will definitely play a tremendous factor in ensuring your safety, cost savings and more important getting the surgery done in a high quality setting with superior care of service.

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