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MedVoy visits JCI accredited hospitals in Jordan for its medical tourism offering

Recently MedVoy had the opportunity to visit 4 JCI accredited hospitals in Jordan. Jordan has not only been one of the popular tourist destinations with its modern seven wonder Petra, Dead Sea and its religious ties to ancient history but also has offered treatments to almost 210,110 patients from 48 countries treatment in 2008. Jordan is the only country in the Middle East that generates more income than what it spends on health and has been witnessing a yearly steady increase of around 10 percent of foreign patients. This beautiful country with its very ancient history has a lot to offer when it comes to medical tourism and offers a comprehensive solution with the high quality and competitive cost healthcare.

All major JCI accredited hospitals namely Jordan Hospital, King Hussein Cancer Center, Al-Essra Hospital, and Specialty Hospital have the high quality standards with excellent western atmosphere luxury patient rooms. They have not only the latest technologies and medical devices but also have well trained, qualified English speaking staffs giving the best care of service. All the doctors involved in providing international patient care have reputed credentials with wide international medical experiences and some of them include American/UK Board certified surgeons who have returned back home. One factor that differentiates and puts Jordan as a leading destination in medical tourism industry is the experience they have already gained by dealing with international medical tourist patient. 30-40% of their inpatients in year 2008 are from countries outside Jordan. This international exposure combined with their high quality treatments, low cost (almost as low as 25 percent of the value the same medical procedures in U.S.) puts Jordan one of the top most medical tourist destinations in the world. I was impressed on all levels and the quality of care provided truly exceeds the expectation of any accreditation standards and it’s far better than majority of the U.S. based hospitals.

I have no doubt that Jordan is going to be the top most medical tourist destination in the years coming. MedVoy is currently working on adding more medical tourism offerings in the country of Jordan for its North American patients.

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