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Medvoy – Referrals in global care

Welcome to Medvoy, a global healthcare referral management and analytics platform supporting the medical travel/global care industry.

There are several barriers to creating a medical travel ecosystem that offers patients access to quality, connected care at an affordable price whenever and where ever they want to go to get it. Medvoy is helping to solve one of those problems, lack of continuity of care, by offering services that will help patients and their doctors exchange documents and communicate before, during and after their travel.

We look forward to working with  patients and other medical travel stakeholders in dental/medical and wellness services, infrastructure development, economic development professionals and travel and hospitality to give patients the quality services they deserve.

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA

President , CMO and Cofounder Р Medvoy



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What is Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the act of traveling to other coutries to obtain medical, dental or cosmetic care. Medical tourism is a new term but thousands of years old act. From the 18th century wealthy Europeans traveled to spas from Germany to the Nile.

Factors such as high healthcare costs, long waiting list for transplants, ease and affordability of international travel, improving technology and high quality of healthcare standards in many countries of the world has led to the recent increase in popularity of medical tourism among U.S population.

MedVoy is created understanding of these needs and growing demands.

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