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Vetting your Doctor

The term medical tourism is a bit of a misnomer as it downplays the serious nature of choosing a doctor – whether in your home country or abroad. The questions below, while not exhaustive, give you some guidance on choosing your doctor wisely.

What are your academic credentials?

Look for specialized training in the chosen field, such as plastic surgery / cosmetic surgery, bariatrics, orthopedics, fertility training, prosthodontics, etc. Many doctors have international training in the US and Europe and may be American-board certified which helps to put US patients at ease. High-quality doctors collaborate internationally and regionally so also, think twice before underestimating a surgeon if they have graduated from a reputable medical school overseas. If you’re not sure – ask MedVoy!

Are you accredited?

International accreditation for providers include: Joint Commission International JCI, Trent Accreditation Scheme (TAS) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), while the International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS) certifies physicians. Furthermore, many countries also have stringent national standards that follow international guidelines. One example is Colombia, where hospitals follow international non-profit ICONTEC standards that are identical to ISQua standards. Hence, all accredited hospitals in Colombia are subsequently accredited by ISQua. Malaysia also has the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) that acts as an independent, not-for-profit organization to ensure safety and quality.

How many of these surgeries have you performed?

Experience is one of the most important elements towards a successful outcome. Whether the doctor performs the surgery every day or a few times a year is significant! Do they specialize in a certain area? A cosmetic surgeon such as MedVoy’s partner Denver Cosmetic Surgery that specializes in the aging face is going to give you a better outcome than a dilettante. Find out how many of these surgeries the doctors has performed. Also, make sure that the actual surgeon will be performing the surgery and not a subordinate.

What materials do you use?

There is a wide range in quality in the materials used – so ask! Are they from a reputable company like Johnson and Johnson or Boston Scientific? Do they provide a guaranty? MedVoy’s partner Travel and Smile in Peru will uses German-made noble metal crowns and that are the standard in the US and Germany and gives a lifetime guarantee on quality. Make sure that you know this before you are actually there.

This list does not cover all the questions which is why it’s important to work with a well-established medical tourism company.

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Medical Tourism – I left my heart in Guatemala!

Guatemala, the land of the everlasting spring, is resplendent with culture, color and people. It is poised to become a popular medical tourism destination because of its high-quality hospitals, doctors and dentists – located just a short plane ride from the U.S.

MedVoy just returned from the second annual Service Summit that promoted the Health and Wellness tourism sector. In attendance was Guatemalan president Alvaro Colom Caballeros, which underscores the country’s deep commitment to medical tourism. Hospital Herrera Llerandi is already undergoing JCI accreditation and boasts an infection rate of only 1.2 percent, lower than many U.S. hospitals. Other hospitals are following suit; already having ISO certification and distinguished American and European Board Certified surgeons. Hope International has RapidArc Radiotherapy for IMRT treatment, that only 25 percent of U.S. hospitals own, along with pulmonary gating and a linear accelerator.

Tracy N., Director of Marketing - MedVoy visiting Guatemala

Dentistry is in the Mayan blood; they performed the world’s first dental implants as early as 900 B.C.! Following this tradition, Guatemalan Dental Schools are rigorous and by law, every dentist belongs to the Sociedad Dental de Guatemala, which is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA). Dentists speak fluent English, use state of the art technology and are either trained or have relationships with US Dental Schools and colleagues. Furthermore, specialists follow international accreditation guidelines and belong to governing membership bodies, such as the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the American Medical Association of Orthodontist and Prosthetics.

Guatemala’s climate produces some of the world’s best coffee, and these cool, green highlands hold rejuvenating qualities. Surrounded by volcanoes and steep hillsides, Antigua is colonial gem protected as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nearby Lake Atitlan, a deep blue lake fringed with volcanoes, lies in an ancient volcanic crater and is considered one of the most unique and beautiful lakes in the world.

There is authenticity of the culture in Guatemala where you can witness the Mayan culture of past and present. The myriad of archeological sites, the most famous being Tikal, showcase the impressive early cities built in precise alignment with the solar system. Local villages embody the Mayan culture wearing traditional clothing and speaking over 22 distinctive languages.

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