Measuring and Managing Referral Leakage

A Leakage is an unrealized volume/revenue, that you believe is “yours”. The various problems with the leakage are lost revenue, lack of cases to build a program or retain key physicians, lack of cases to build a program or retain key physicians. This also creates unpredictable volume and a direct impact on operational aspects and therefore lesser quality due to uncoordinated care. The important thing to know about healthcare referrals is to not to jump to assumptions about what is causing referral leakage. It could be a lots of reason such as poor relationship, lack of imaging infrastructure, lack of convenient physician schedules, etc.,

With an simple, secure electronic referral platform such as MedVoy, now market maps, demographic charts, and data tables for discharge disposition, physician referral patterns, and benchmarks are all rendered real time and provides the level of information needed in your fingertip to make the right move towards physician marketing, physician engagement or physician outreach programs, operational improvements.

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