Evidence based referral

evidence based referralMillions of patients undergo surgery every year. For many procedures, patients should be able to expect very low risks no matter where they choose to have surgery. For some high-risk procedures, however, the choice about where to have surgery can mean the difference between life and death. With heart surgery, for example, studies have found more than three-fold differences in surgical mortality rates across hospitals. Patients can expect the safest possible surgery at hospitals with low mortality rates or high rates of adherence to clinical practices (or processes) known to improve surgical outcomes. This information is becoming increasingly available to patients through public reporting mechanisms. However still majority of the providers havent been able to incorporate some of the evidence based metrics as part of their referral process as majority of referral systems are either complex as in EHR systems or a standalone system with no ability to consume data or as a disintegrated process using paper/fax. MedVoy’s Evidence based referral workflow has the ability to incorporate any evidence based metrics into its referral process thus making sure that the patients are referred to the right facility with the better processes, and positive outcomes. Now all parties involved in the referral process including the patient is more happy than ever before.

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