Colombia: Evolving from Regional to Global Medical Hub

Clinica Del Rosario - view of Medellin

Clinica Del Rosario - view of Medellin

Conventional wisdom dictates that more experience makes you a better doctor. If this axiom holds for medical tourism, Colombia is poised for a promising future. Colombia already serves as a regional medical hub for neighbors in the Caribbean, Central and South America. Intra-Latin American medical travel flourishes because regional health insurance plans (EPS) cover the cost of care in Colombia. For those living in less populated countries, such as Netherland Antilles, this provides superior medical care at a great value – a win-win for both the insurers and patients. With the prevalence of Multinational Corporations headquarters in Colombia, scores of expats receive medical care in Colombia, granting additional exposure to English-speaking Westerners.

Internationally-focused since inception, Colombian hospitals are accredited by international non-profit ICONTEC using International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) standards. ISQua subsequently accredits ICONTEC hospitals since standards are identical. The Medellin Healthcare Cluster sets additional guidelines focusing on quality of care outcomes. The global revolving door continues through international partnerships and training. Fundacion Cardioinfantil in Bogota partners with the Cleveland Clinic to train doctors and co-sponsors an annual cardiovascular clinic. Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe in Medellin follows National Comprehensive Cancer Ontario Protocol (NCCN) guidelines and its Hematology specialists are Birmingham-trained.   At MediHelp in Cartagena de Indes, a US-trained doctor performs Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment for Parkinson’s disease and the clinic even performed gastric bypass for famed Argentinean soccer star Diego Armando Maradona.

Over the past decade, a dramatic transformation has taken place – spearheaded by popular President Uribe, elected in 2002 on a platform of restoring security to the country. Increasing political stability has grown the tourism sector with virtually limitless options – Bogota is a bustling big city with culture and gastronomical delights. Medellin, a mountain retreat rejuvenates your health with its temperate year-round climate. Cartagena de Indes, a breathtaking colonial enclave on the Caribbean transports you back in time and conjures up images of swashbuckling pirates fighting on the walls of fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The tourism board’s new promotional statement is “the only risk is wanting to stay” and believe me, you just may…

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