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German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian


Reproductive (Fertility)

Procedures offered

  • Andrology (Male Infertility)
  • Artificial Insemination (AI)
  • Egg Extraction (Egg donation)
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)


American Society for Reproductive Medicine

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In CERAM we perform latest techniques according to Spanish Law authorizations: Vitrification, IMSI, blastocyst, etc.

CERAM has been pioneer and currently is the only clinic in Malaga offering IMSI which is a technique that increases up to 15% the changes of positive outcome specially when treating male infertility.

Treatments & techniques: IVF, egg donation, ICSI, IMSI, PGD, vitrification, blastocyst cultive, assisted hatching, spermslow, etc.

International IVF coordinators
CERAM has a growing international team treating patients from all over the world. The team has proven years of experience to provide the best counseling to each individual case.

During the treatment, the team is in permanent contact by telephone, skype or email with the couple. This will ensure that all doubts are promptly solved and stress is avoided.

Fiona and her team will be able to provide you with necessary counseling in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German.

Egg donation treatment for abroad patients
Spanish legislation is different to other countries in terms of egg donation. It is a legal procedure, confidential and the donor is totally anonymous.

Marbella is a great place to find that relaxing holiday atmosphere. The way of life found in Marbella creates a feeling of well-being and rest that is well appreciated by couples coming to CERAM for treatment.

Our international IVF coordinators are specially focused on counseling couples that go through treatment abroad. Their experience on egg donation treatments for international patients has been demonstrated over the years.

• Consultations online or phone, accommodating to patients need or requests.
• Total confidentiality, individualized treatment with no waiting lists.
• Donors are anonymous and less than 30 years.
• Success pregnancy rates higher than national average.
• Individualized treatment.
• Malaga International Airport with direct flights across Europe.
• Hotels pre-booking offered by CERAM.

Why Marbella?

CERAM is located in a natural paradise of the Costa del Sol only 100m from the sea. Marbella enjoys more than 300 days of sun thanks to its microclimate. The great quality of life in Marbella lies behind its setting, its people and the culture. This way of life creates a feeling of well-being and rest that is well appreciated by couples coming to CERAM for treatment.

The airport is well connected counting with directs flights from all over Europe and across seas. There are plenty of accommodation options, but CERAM will recommend and provide you with special rates so that you don’t have to worry .You will only need to enjoy Marbella.

Professional statement

CERAM (Clinic for Assisted Reproduction in Marbella) has been making family’s dreams come true for over 20 years now. Experience, constant training and updating have allowed us to achieve results above national average in all fertility treatments.

Latest techniques are studied and trained by our embryologists allowing us to offer our patients the most advance treatments like blastocyst or IMSI.